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Featured Articles
» The Pros and Cons of 40-Year Fixed Loans
By Carey Pott | Published 02/25/2006 | Home Loans | Rating:
With interest rates going up and property values starting to appreciate at a slower rate or flatten out, a new kind of loan has started to become more popular. The 40-year fixed loan allows you to amortize the loan over a 40-year period instead of the usual 30 years. This results in a lower monthly payment, which can come in handy when rates are higher. There are some pros and cons to this type of mortgage. I will explain why I personally donít like these loans except in special circumstances.
» To Pay or Not To Pay Off Your Mortgages: Part II
By Carey Pott | Published 02/18/2006 | Home Loans | Rating:
In Part I of this article, I mentioned that weíve all been taught by our parents, grandparents and conventional wisdom that we should pay off our home mortgage in order to own our home free and clear so that the bank can never take our home from us. I explained why that thinking is outdated. In this article, Iím going to present some ideas on using mortgages as a tool to increase wealth.
» To Pay or Not To Pay Off Your Mortgages: Part I
By Carey Pott | Published 01/26/2006 | Home Loans | Rating:
We've all been taught by our parents, grandparents, and conventional wisdom that we should pay off our home mortgages so we can own our home free and clear. So that the bank can never take our home from us. I'm going to show why that thinking is outdated and present some new ideas on using mortgages as a tool to increase wealth.
Recent Articles
» Instant Easter Decorating Tips for Your Fireplace Mantel and Hearth
By Susan Penney | Published 02/23/2006 | Holiday Decoration , Fireplaces | Unrated
Want a big, visual punch for your room this Easter, but don't want to have to spend more than a few moments to create a springtime look for your fireplace?  Chase away your room's winter blahs and welcome in spring with these quick Easter and springtime decorating ideas for your fireplace mantel and hearth. 
» What is Landscape Architecture?
By Kimberly Ennett | Published 02/22/2006 | Gardening & Landscaping | Unrated
Many times I have been asked what is the difference between a landscape architect and a landscape designer. Hopefully the following will answer this question.
» Significance Of Colors In Feng Shui Practice
By Andrew Jones | Published 02/22/2006 | Home Furnishing & Decor | Unrated
Have you ever wondered what feelings do you have when you look at bright red rose in the garden? Can you imagine if a garden that does not have colorful flowers but only the green foliage? Early in the morning when you see a newly opened flower in your garden, your heart is filled with joy and happiness. Each flower in the garden has a different color and hue that affects you differently. While the white lily touches your soul for its serenity, the red rose with its vibrant energy elicits a feeling of love and passion. The feeling is different because the flower is reflecting a different color and Feng Shui uses this natural magic of colors to transform your life.
» Creating Your Own Garden in Small Places
By Amanda Baker | Published 02/22/2006 | Gardening & Landscaping | Unrated
Anyone can have a garden, even those apartment dwellers living in the smallest apartments. If you have a balcony, all you need is a little imagination and patience, and a bit of a green thumb and you too can have a pocket garden worth bragging about.
» Picnic Tables Available Ė No Reservations Required
By Kathy Moran | Published 02/16/2006 | Gardening & Landscaping | Unrated
One of the greatest social events ever dreamed up, a picnic is a combination of food, family, friends, recreation, entertainment, and merriment. At the first sign of spring, people begin firing up their grills and taking their meals outdoors, and they donít go back inside until the world freezes over once again. In fact, there are some year-round, die-hard barbecuers who wonít quit unless someplace much larger and hotter freezes over, too.
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